Riding the Storm


Just like every situation where you feel the brokenness of the grave

Like the moon pushes the tides in and out, you cry and laugh in equal amounts and the world looks on and thinks you’ve lost your mind 

But how else do you cope with the blows of nature’s hammer, but to ride out into the storm and feel the battering and breathe in when calm comes and then to let your face be whipped by the falling rain and still come out in the peace again

The Never Ending Universe


Swathes of time between us, pulling
space stretching, our world escaping
through the seams we’re creating
stitching snapping under the weight of
constant ticking, hands eternally chasing
the moment, the universe is counting
as the earth is looking down the barrel
shooting stars, endlessly showering
the skies, the dark heavy clouds

Smoke on the horizon, the bells are chiming
in the twitching minds, consumed with the signs
the weather hides, in the open
every eye shall see the details, the downfall
chasing loudly the foxes out their holes
yelping as the flames find their thundering souls

Skittish politicians placate science with fiction
tales of steady tides that always change
the population, just caught in a bubble
floating along the line that connects
the beginning and the end
scholars frantically searching, until steadily
the revolutions will stutter and cease, no more noise
just silence in the never ending universe