Stephen Fry, I Don’t Know Why but I’ve Seen Enough


I am a follower of Jesus, however frustrating I find it that I am greeted by silence to the many questions that haunt me. But I’ve seen enough of God’s power, enough of God’s love in this life to know, that whilst I am now disatisfied with not understanding, one day I will be fully satisfied and my questions will no longer be a thorn in my side.

I have had my own share of struggle, I know others who’ve had more than a portion of pain to cope with, but yet our choice is not easy. Our broken hearts do not dictate our belief in our God.

I’ve seen the sick healed, I’ve seen the shattered restored and I cannot fathom why some prayer is answered and some is not. There are many things in this universe so far beyond the grasp of my mind, that my personal lack of understanding, is not reason enough to make me unsee what I’ve seen and unknow the little I do know and turn a blind eye to the answers that have come.

We can only know so much and then comes a choice of faith. I choose Jesus because He was radically forgiving and merciful. I choose Him because He chose me first. I choose Him because centuries on I see the power of His sacrifice in so many, including in my own life.

So no, I have no answers to your whys or mine. But I have had some answers, I’ve had some understanding and that some is enough for me to say yes to a man who loves me and you, more than we will ever be loved by another.

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